Friday, January 25, 2008

fable of our 3 letter building - 'our tnp'

this building itself speaks its fathomless story ,
people coming & moving - it standing all ardent gawky ,
has made and is making the future of many and many ,
stil most of them complaining - offered offer is paltry.

every year its time for a year - be ready being buildings picnic ,
get ready -be steady - just go on - and enjoy the cryptic hectic ,
just experience the unexperienced - just explore the unexplored ,
go dramatise the hyperbole - and beat what couligues outscored .

the aliens sitting in front - can build my rome in a day,
go - get the hold of them - else be ready for the next play,
anyday everyday - atleast for someone - its always a hey-day,
for sm - what mattered was their gray - for otherz its all dismay.

goin every morning - watching the show and taking d plunge,
trying all hooks & crooks - to get the best' out in d challenge,
then - all ready to hear about the round 1 - all hopeless with smthing inherent,
list is out - grapevine is heard - lucks & garments flowing - its sm1's achievement,

some people quiet 'in malaise - some sighed in relief,
someone trying to give his best - some1 still lying in grief,
all planning in themselves - the way all to be handled further,
reading discussing & debating - getting best ready for the another .

this building is the arena where everyones fate is decided,
it instills al feelings - courage confidence are blended,
al trying to take out their character - from this bilding's vicious fable,
having faith in implacable truth - the name 'tnp' is tough and possible,
just waiting for the time - the time to which they can call - 'their time',
heading towards - with power & belief - any mistime will be for lifetime,

and one day it is - a happy valediction from the facade of building,
all partying and prattling - can hear even a taciturn babbling,
many satisfied - still unsatisfied - its endless race its unbound road,
learn - from this erect standing - it gives us what it never borrowed ,
always happy - just doing its work - refining itself for our next abode,
just wants us to be blissed-with what we achieved - or rather followed.

just flash in & ruminate- do 1 know - 'what he desire - what he aspire',
why not try- catching & fixing- of what this building- tries to inspire,
do keep working for your best & better -but dont be sloppy- be an all's dabbler,
& give in a flappy thanx - to 'the humara tnp' -- why be - a selfish grumbler!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

a question for ones- who might loose out their ones

hay genius , hei bond -
am having a question -- "did u ever ponder ?" ,
living rest of yourr life your way - wont anything linger,

you were here - you are here ,
will it b easy - aboding out there,

for whose interest is it - whose future is it ,
n your most credulous - did de ever thought of it,

what about them n what about others ,
community frnds and your very brothers,

what for is that leisure,
when therez no one to measure,

d knowledge u will gain ,
has to eventually go in vein ,

many hav said and many r saying ,
its nt happiness after which u r running,

sm think its their life - which they understand better ,
they wil make a best out of it - rest anything dsnt matter,
hav they thought - what next ?? what when u suffer ,
who'l b with them - who will implement the buffer ,

are frnds everything - as available every instant ,
who keep on changing - haha - not even constant ,

are they compatible enough - do they everytime listen u ,
havnt they ever dissapointed - never puzzled u ?? ,

just givin a thought - 4 ones whom u luv d most ,
try keeping a balance - regardles being on any post ,
dats al they expect - dats al everyone desire ,
just try being less selfish - so dat ppl inspire....

do not forget-a bond is called a bond, when PEOPLE call him a bond!

do giv it a thought .....